The Path of Life

download (1)Noisy classrooms, chaotic environment, lots of energy, strong humour, urge to learn? Then my friend you have landed into a senior class of a secondary school giving students a lot of memories to remember. As the secondary level of school nears to its end, students often face the common dilemma of choosing the higher secondary stream i. e. , between Science, Commerce or Humanities.

Students generally opt for a stream which has that small little magic that adds a little joy to one’s heart i. e. , that “special subject” which one craves for. Some are crazy for Biology, some for Business Studies and maybe someone else for Geography. Someone may have a dream of becoming successful in the field of science, someone in commerce and someone in arts. Some may also be interested in dance, drama, singing or acting as well.

People often criticize and discriminate between the three streams differentiating one from the other. According to some if you are not a science student your life is a waste, some say commerce is the best and for some humanities is life. One need not to listen to all these negative opinions rather go with one’s heart. People generally opt for courses having a large scope of employment, more job security and high pay-offs diverging them from their field of interest. To all those scared cats: “don’t be scared, go for what you love and enjoy doing. If you are sincere enough they will never betray you”!

So we can see how complex a small stray situation can be. It involves a lot of patience and critical thinking to decide which one to choose from. People should also keep in mind that good things are never a waste in life. Each field of study has its own charm, beauty and happiness which leads a student towards his/her successful future. So choose freely.

So never be sad what others say, be the best in your area of interest, brush up your abilities and groom up your potential, get ready to conquer the world with your knowledge, skills and expertise. Choose what you love and can be the best in it. Never let the melancholy of your heart reach the public by having faith in yourself and never losing your confidence. So, it is clear that every stream has its own charm. Just choose it with your golden heart, learn more than enough and all the best for future!


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